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  • Raven Tools is an all in one SEO, PPC and social tool to help you with your SEO efforts. Pulling data from various sources such as Moz, Magestic and many more, it's a mash up of the best SEO tools out there. I have been using Raven Tools for over a year and it's my go to tool for clients.

Since writing my Raven Tools review they have undergone a big change. The whole tool has been redesigned with some new features – ranking reports are back! Yay! In this Raven Tools review I’ll take you through the new design changes along with the new features.

Before we start this Raven review be sure to download the two free reports below:

SEO metrics clients love


30 social metrics


What’s changed?

A complete new design.

Raven tools now offers a vertical navigation keeping everything together in a much more organized manner.

The navigation now looks like the following image.



As you can see everything is better organized. Let’s go through each option.



While a lot of the tools will show the same data as the previous Raven Tools, I just want to show the new design in action and I’ll go into more depth on the new features.

The Google Analytics section gives the following options:



With a nice design for the data



It’s a much more simple design and a lot cleaner.

Under the campaign manager you can manage your competition, keywords but my favourite tools under this category is the site performance tools. This will give you a nice run down of increases/decreases of key metrics like domain authority, Trust Flow and many more. You can compare your/client website against competition and it offers a nice visual representation of key stats against your competition.





The Research Central option remains the same, enter your keyword, URL or website and Raven Tools will pull data from the following companies:

Research Central



The SEO section of better organized and offers the following options.



Since many tools have simply been redesigned for a cleaner look the SEO section does offer a new feature – rankings. Yes they are back.

Pulling data from Webmaster Tools,  Raven lets you view your average rank in a very simple, effective way.



The above image is the average rank of the website and offers a more accurate picture to how your website is performing in Google. I have gotten out of the habit of checking rankings for keywords as I find it’s counter productive. Looking at the average rank which includes variations of your keywords offers a better picture of how your website is ranking.

But what if you have a client who still focuses on one keyword? Raven Tools can drill down keyword by keyword for easy client reporting. As you can see from the image below (keywords excluded for obvious reasons) the design is simple and effective and shows all you need to know about your keyword rankings.

You can learn how to properly use this feature on this Raven Tools webinar:



The social section gives the following options. Here you’ll be able to keep track of all your social accounts including metrics and performance stats.




Here you can order content, optimise it with Scribe and release it as a press release using PR Newswire all in one place. I haven’t yet tried PR Newswire but I’ll update this review if I do and see what it’s like.


As you can see Raven Tools has undergone a huge design change. It took me awhile to get used to it but I quickly adapted and love the new ranking features. Raven Tools are making huge strides to improve their tool and they have taken a step in the right direction by bringing rankings back. They offer all the SEO services you need in one place keeping everything organized.


Get started with a 30 day trail




  • Mash up of the best online SEO tools
  • Simple to use
  • Keep everything in one place
  • Excellent support


  • Can be overwhelming for new users
  • Monthly cost might be offputting
  • Some users might not like new ranking setup

Raven Tools is an all in one SEO, PPC and social tool to help you with your SEO efforts. Pulling data from various sources such as Moz, Magestic and many more, it's a mash up of the best SEO tools out there. I have been using Raven Tools for over a year and it's my go to tool for clients.

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