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  • Raven Tools is a one stop shop for all things internet marketing. They boost a number of features to allow you to streamline your marketing efforts in one place. I highly recommend this project to those serious online marketers.

I have been using Raven Tools SEO software for just under a year now. It’s helped me save time and do my work much more effectively. Trying to list all the features that Raven Tools has would take me forever and beyond the scope of this Raven Tools review. Instead, I’m going to show you my favourite features of Raven Tools and why it’s so awesome.

But here’s a quick run down of what Raven Tools offers.


With over 30+ tools to play with it’s one of the most complete internet marketing setups for any professional, from SEO research to link building to social media to PPC to add on extensions like their Chrome add-on and also integrations with Scribe SEO, Basecamp and more. It’s everything you need and more in one place setup for the professional Internet marketer. You can  see all the features and what Raven is capable of here.

My favourite Raven Tools features

Website Auditor

A website audit can take a long time when you do it right. With Raven’s new site audit feature you can quickly find errors that need fixing for you or your client’s website. It covers main areas such as

  • Pages blocked by robots.txt
  • 404 errors
  • 301 errors
  • Broken internal links
  • Broken external links
  • Links with “nofollow”
  • Duplicate page titles
  • Duplicate meta descriptions
  • Duplicate pages

Raven Tools SEO Tools

You’ll get an excellent overall of your main problems for example:


A nice feature is the percentage since the last scan, something you can show your clients as visual proof their website is going in the right direction.

Accurate rankings

It wasn’t long ago that Raven Tools stopped their previous ranking feature but they have replaced it more ranking data – average rank. With personalized search, geographic search it doesn’t make sense to scrape Google for rankings to say this is your position in Google. It’s not true. With average rank you’ll gage a much more accurate balance of how your keywords are performing across Google.

Not only does Raven Tools provide the average rank data which is from Webmaster Tools but you can see the performance of the keyword over time.



Now you have a much more accurate graph over time of the performance of your keyword. Average rank is decreasing, this is good.


Branded vs non branded

How much value are you actually providing to your clients? How is your content strategy going? A quick and easy way to tell is by using Raven Tools branded and non brand feature. You can learn more about this feature over here.

Going in the right direction

How is your organic traffic going? With Raven Tools I can check with a few clicks.



I can also show the branded and non branded traffic which saves me loads of time. You can read more about this feature here.

Site Finder

Do you know what links your competition have in common? You can find out in a couple of clicks with Raven Tools.



I have sorted via connections with 5 being the highest number of connections i.e there’s 5 links on this website that my competition have. Maybe I should also be there? You can go through each connection with ease to see what patterns there are with your competition. I remember going through each competitors backlinks one at a time in the old days. Having the ability to see connections is much more powerful and a huge time saver. A+ Raven. You can read more about this powerful feature over here.

So many tools in one

One of the  reasons I love Raven so much is the mash up of all the different tools they use.


Enter a URL, domain, keyword or a phrase and Raven will do the research for you from a series of amazing tools. As you can see from the image Raven pulls data through 6 different APIs to provide full research data to make your judgement more accurate. All that information at a press of a button. Love it.

This is a short Raven Tools review about some of my favourite features. There’s simply too many amazing features to be able to talk about them individually. Instead, take Raven Tools out for a trail free for 30 days.  or you can watch a walk through video.


Raven Tools is a one stop shop for all things internet marketing. They boost a number of features to allow you to streamline your marketing efforts in one place. I highly recommend this project to those serious online marketers.

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