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  • Team TreeHouse is an online education platform helping you learn the needs needed for your new job in web design/web development. With the amount of content that Team Treehouse add I find it good value for money. There's always something new to learn and practice. Their style of mainly videos as a form of teaching goes down well with me as it's my preferred method of learning. I would recommended Treehouse to anyone wanting to develop these skills further.

Team Treehouse Web Design Projects

Learn how to design and build websites that work on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

I have previously published my Team Treehouse review but I felt that this didn’t give enough information for people only really wanting a section of the courses offered via Treehouse which I why I have written this Team Treehouse web design review to get a more in-depth look at what you would expect to learn during this course, the projects covered and a look at just how good Team Treehouse actually are. Below are a series of projects contained within the Team Treehouse web design course. I will go through each one giving a sample of the type of stuff they cover and look at some of the quizzes to help you understand if you will benefit from this course of not.

Build a Simple Website

5 badges – 17 videos

In this course you’ll hand code your first website. You get 17 videos to work with and this project is a starter point for building websites. This project is pretty easy to do and easy to follow and you’ll soon discover the basics of building a new website. Team Treehouse are up to date with the latest in web development and this comes across in the teachings. Once you’re a member you are allowed to download all the project files within this project – This also applies to all projects once you’re a member.

While this project is pretty easy it’s a good starting place for someone who wants to learn website design by throwing them into the deep end by hand coding a website from the start and teaching them to swim, something which Team Treehouse does very well.

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Build a Responsive Website

5 badges – 17 videos

As mentioned above, Treehouse like to keep up to date with the latest trends within website design. What is sure to be one of the hottest trends in 2013 I was very pleased that Treehouse added this project with how to build a responsive website. You will be making the website that you have previously built – Smells Like Bakin’ cupcake company website and making it responsive. It’s a great touch that you are working with the new website you have already built as because as a beginner I found it gave me more confidence once I was developing the same project further and further developing my website design skills more and more.

The project then moves on towards more complicated aspects of building a responsive website. It also helps you learn how to develop a responsive website from scratch making this a good web design standard for those looking at Treehouse to help them land a new job.

Build an Interactive Website

5 badges – 17 videos


Working with the Smells Like Bakin’cupcake website again you’ll be making your website interactive. This is another key project that I was really happy with Treehouse adding. I can see the internet everyday becoming more and more interactive from HTML5 infographics to being able to add comments to images, the internet will be increasingly interactive and it shows that Treehouse are aimed at providing projects that are in line with the trends on the web. Again this gives you a much better learning experience and enhance your portfolio.

Although there’s only 4 badges to learn with this course with a new badge coming soon, I would like to see Treehouse expand on this much more. Due to an increasing trend in interactive websites it would no doubt be a good area of web design to freelance in. I hope Treehouse do plan to add extra projects under this category but I guess if the trend increases then they will only accommodate that trend.

How to Make a WordPress Blog

Although I do love the Treehouse course, I think this is a project that should have been dropped. It’s aimed at real beginners and since WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world there’s a good chance people who want to sign up for Treehouse already know about WordPress and are familiar with the basic. I could be wrong though and if you know absolutely nothing about WordPress then you’ll find this course useful. My opinion is they should have spent more time diving deeper into the above projects (which over time I’m sure they will).


7 Badges • 23 Videos

Essential learning for anyone wanting to get into web design is HTML. Treehouse take you from the very basics and develop your HTML skills along the way. I knew a tiny bit of HTML before I started Treehouse so this was a useful course in developing my HTML further. The topics are well organised and it now serves as a reference point for me on the different elements of HTML.

View the HTML demo

CSS Foundations

I’ve always needed to know CSS and never got around to learning it. I used to spend loads of time on CSS forums asking people for help when the CSS wouldn’t work. It would take hours waiting for a response. Now with Treehouse I can use that time I would have spent waiting for an answer actually learning CSS to save me time in the long run. This course takes from basic CSS and once again develops your understand with a nicely organised section for easy reference. See for yourself.

CSS Foundations 2nd Ed


Once again developing your knowledge of CSS by extending the previous course. Although there’s only 5 badges available at the time of writing, Treehouse does show you that there’s another 11 badges will be available for this project very soon showing how important learning CSS is. These new badges are also consistent with new trends in the web design area such as CSS animations etc and there’s also a badge for best practices meaning that once you’ll finish the project you’ll be taking away solid information for future CSS projects.

Website Basics


A pretty basic course and again one that I feel that wasn’t really needed. But if you have no experience with FTP or buying domains then you will find this course useful. For me, I didn’t find any use for it but I know Treehouse are trying to help people with all different type of experience.

Aesthetic Foundations


A pretty interesting course and one that I would like to see expanded. I would like to have more on the color theory as this is pretty interesting from a psychology point of view. Different colors can create different moods within a website. I’m sure you now about the psychology and the color red which many e-commerce websites use as their call to action. Nice little addition to this course and one that helps define you as an all round web designer.

Aesthetic course

JavaScript Foundations

Javascript is important and with the internet becoming increasingly visual a good web designer should take the time to at least learn the basics of JavaScript. In this course you’ll start down your path of learning JavaScript and why it will be useful to learn as a web designer. Although this project might not be for everyone you can check out the course details and some demos over here.

Photoshop Foundations

No decent web designer would be any good if it wasn’t without some basic Photoshop skills. You can really set your website apart using Photoshop and Treehouse knows this which is why this makes a nice addition to the Treehouse web design course.

This course will also help you design your website first in Photoshop for any potential clients that you many have and covers the basics from layers, vector shapes etc. While an introduction to Photoshop it serves well as a foundation to help you progress your skills further.


It’s easy to forget just who will end up viewing your website. People have different needs and this is a good reminder that as a developing web designer you’ll need to consider this when building new website.

Treehouse define this course as

Accessibility is the practice of making websites available to all people, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Find out more

That pretty much wraps up the Team Treehouse web design review. Due to the fast increasing pace of technology I expect this review to be out of date pretty soon so I’ll constantly update this when Treehouse change different parts of the course.

Team TreeHouse is an online education platform helping you learn the needs needed for your new job in web design/web development. With the amount of content that Team Treehouse add I find it good value for money. There's always something new to learn and practice. Their style of mainly videos as a form of teaching goes down well with me as it's my preferred method of learning. I would recommended Treehouse to anyone wanting to develop these skills further.

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  1. Alexander says

    This site if absolutely perfect for anyone who’s interested in learning some development.

    Doesn’t matter if you’re completely new, or if you already have a tiny bit of experience (I already knew CSS and HTML, as well as basic PHP and Javascript when I signed up.)

    It’s also incredible creative, small touches like small videos of the service’s own mini-series you unlock as you progress, as well as fun personal touches around the website.

    The design’s great, modern, retina-optimised, responsive. All of the teacher’s are easy to understand, nice and more up to date with the latest technologies than any teacher I ever had when I studied Web Development in 2010-2011.

    There are tons of great tools that they also recommend, that I’ve never heard of myself, all of which have improved my overall work significantly.

    It’s a perfect service I wish I knew about back when I decided to dedicate almost 2 years of my life to a average school teaching almost outdated Web Development, I’m sure I’ve could have learned twice as much using Treehouse for just 3 months than I did the entire time I was studying there.

    The price’s not cheap, but it’s a bargain considering all the things you get. (There are tons of amazing extra content, if you’re a gold member, and the site’s frequently updated.)

    It’s definitely one of the best, if not the overall best service in the world if you want to learn some programming, or want to enhance what you already know + learn more, and the fact that they focus a lot on having great design and interface is a huge plus. 🙂

    There are also English subtitles available for every video, in case like with myself, English isn’t your first language. And even if you’re not too great at English, it shouldn’t be difficult to understand anything that’s being said.

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